Recognizes We are All One Spirit

Some years ago, the late visionary, Rowena Pattee Kryder, also an artist, was deeply interested in our evolution as humans, and in raising consciousness on a global scale. She loved helping others find their “soul purpose,” and advanced the idea of harmony between everything in nature.

We quote her original statement here, because it truly does say it best:

“In creation, when the Word of God is spoken, the octaves, fifths, fourths, thirds, and all intervals of music, birth the stars, zodiacs, elements, plants and animals in harmonic orders…”


Rowena passed from this plane of existence in October of 2014, and in her honor, I would love to share this wonderful documentary about her here. Please enjoy, and be well…Be whole…Be Harmony.

Soul Fire // A Documentary on Rowena Pattee Kryder from Elijah Lee Reeder on Vimeo.