If Ken Wilber would be an expression of the archetype represented by the Tarot card of the High Priest (or Pope), then Rowena expresses a more "simplex" (her word--a combination of simple ways to express the complexity of nature) archetype of the High Priestess.”
—Dr. Adam Blatner, psychotherapist and author of Foundations of Psychodrama, Acting-In: Practical Applications of Psychodrama Methods, The Art of Play: Helping Adults Reclaim Imagination and Spontaneity, Interactive and Improvisational Drama: Varieties of Applied Theatre and Performance

From a letter....

       “I know you would love Rowena's work, because she skillfully creates great artwork, AND, as well, incorporates the latest "truths" from science" into her poster like pieces.... She seems to be an innate teacher, as well as artist, writer of 12 books and 5 card decks. Participation with the card decks allows the user to interactively have a whole brain, visual~verbal experience while "working and playing" with the decks.
      “Considering her imagery, I have some few specific differences of perception, from my symbology studies of 30 years, of looking at 1000's of unique individual imagery in art therapy sessions, yet her images, have come into an over view of a study which she calls morphology that is astounding, and may reach beyond the human limitations of archetypal image designations. ...  Her imagery does have a certain coherence, within an extensive imagery that is entirely inventive and on an innovative pathway, that seems to build over a lifetime of work by a dedicated introvert, who is motivated by sharing her perceptions to help us travel through the millennial paradigm shift which is currently with us...   Two things seem to contribute to her motivations: she is a mother of two brilliant sons, and now a grandmother.......... and her incessant curiosity about a world view, that goes beyond even a non-typical Western and esoteric view. “

—Roberta Schumake-Beal, art therapist, Wimberly, Texas